CIM-Hatch safety award nomination form

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application form must be completed in one visit. If you leave the form before submitting, your information will not be saved. Please review the entire form before you begin and ensure that you have all of the required documentation ready to upload. File size is limited to 30MB per file upload.

If you require assistance, please contact Daniel Welshons, Global Director, Health & Safety at daniel.welshons@hatch.com.


To be eligible for nomination, the project must meet the following criteria:

  1. Project owner/team must be an active CIM member.
  2. Project owner/team must have completed a single, significant (>300,000 work hours), Canada-located project within 12 months of this application. Applications stand for three years.
  3. All Canadian mine and processing facilities in the metals, diamonds, industrial minerals, oil sands, and coal sectors are included and eligible.
  4. Project owners must submit this application.

Hatch–CIM considers the safe execution of a project to be of overriding importance and the assessment of each participant’s safety performance will be the criteria used for the final selection process. The Hatch–CIM Mining and Minerals Project Development Safety Award will be presented to the team that best meets or exceeds the established criteria and will hold the award for one year.  All information provided will be held in confidence by the selection committee.


The information provided in this application is an accurate summary of the participant’s Health and Safety Management System